Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got Potter?

So I felt a little weird as I was one of the few who was NOT dressed up amongst the 2000+ people attending the midnight release of the final Harry Potter book. The event, however, was quite eventful. Kids and parents were dressed to Hogwarts' ends with costumes of all kinds. It was quite amazing to see the loud excitement of fans for the 10 sec. countdown to midnight. I think it beat any countdown I experienced on new year's eve. It was a RAGER! We all got arm bands to organize the lines by first come first serve. The first girl in line ran away cheering with her book in hand followed by a grown man in his mid-twenties hunched over with book in one hand, cell phone in the other exclaiming, "I think I'm gonna cry.... I tink I'm gonna cry" to whomever was on the other line. Well, I didn't reserve a book so I was waaaay down the line and would have to wait an hour and a half. Fortunately, I slipped a friend $20 to just buy two when it was her turn in line.

I got home finally at 3AM and had to read the first chapter. I CAN'T BELIEVE WHO DIED!! ha, just teasing... sort of. So, I'm wasting time and have to get back to neglecting my kids.


Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

AAAAHHHH! I'm so jealous! I'm the dummy who ordered it online and am still waiting for my special'll probably be done by the time I get mine. And Robby will still be half way through #5....Sheena.

It's okay Kyle already ruined everything for me anyways in #6!...Robby

and yes we're team bloggin today

Heidi said...

I bought it today at Ralph's of all places. It took me about 2 minutes to not dress up for the event, and I bought milk, avocados and bread along with the book. I already read the first chapter and then had to hand it over to Hunter. I'll get it back, he has to sleep sometime!! Not nearly as exciting as your adventure, but what can I say, I was sawing logs about the time you got yours.

ali degraff said...

You guys always manage to "get in" on all the hype. I will be a little worried when I start seeing you and Kelly trapsing around in Star Trek clothes.

Amy said...

I guess I need to hop in on the action. I've not read any of them, so I guess if I'm going to start, I need to do so from the beginning.

merideth said...

wade and i finished today. we took turns reading...that way the kids had atleast one adult looking out for them. i guess that is all i can say on this matter.