Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's Never Too Early

Yep, I did it. Halloween season is here. I may not have time later on to enjoy my favorite holiday, so I will now. As history (recent) would have it, I've gone a little far in costume preparation from custom face molds to make a fitted latex mask, building a pirate ship in the front yard, or shaving the head for an untimate Darth Maul. As a kid I would even dig a hole in my parents' front yard and bury myself, breathing through a vacuum tube, and jumping out at the trick-or-treaters. Good times. But I have to watch myself sometimes. I've already had to change the banner on our blog cause Emily's face that I had was something from the Grudge/Ring. A little too evil for sweet Emily, so if you missed it, shucks.
Someday, one fantasy I have is to find enough people to perform Thriller on our street with a loud sound system and lighting, fog, and the dance of course. How sweet would that be? I think the people around here could use a little exposure to the arts.
So bring it on, any ideas for this year will be considered.
Trick or treat. - Ryan


ali degraff said...

I am dying right now at your twisted kids' faces! That is hilarious.

I love that you get into Halloween so much. It was almost as if a piece of you had been taken away last year when you were moving on Halloween day instead of popping out of coffins.

I did see a Halloween superstore off the freeway in Temecula. I am sure that's childs play for you. You probably drive up to Hollywood to gather your halloween supplies.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I need to buy my plane ticket RIGHT NOW to be there to watch this production on your street. I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN!!! Ry, I love your energy and imagination for bringing things to pass. I'm not kidding - I want a front row seat. See yo all soon! Love Mom "J"

rob*sheena*jonah*lucy said...

Your kids are freaking me out. Poor little Ezra has know idea!

I love the idea to do Thriller on the street. Sign me up. As for ideas for this years costumes....I say go celebrity. You guys could be KFED and Britney.

Amy said...

I love your Halloween-y blog! So cool! I'm totally down for auditioning for your Thriller production. Truth be told that I had a dance teacher when I was about 14 who had a dance teacher who was actually in the Thriller video. She totally showed us the 'real' moves and we would do them all the time. I love how into Halloween you are...can't wait to see what you guys dress like!