Thursday, October 4, 2007

don't do justice.

I know these pictures are nothing like seeing the real thing; but we were completely taken aback by the landscape on our trip to Lake Tahoe! Leaving the desert country (pretty in it's own, brown way) and driving to the mountains was breath-taking! So, indulge in these photos for a minute or two and pretend you are there, breathing the fresh air and feeling the crisp chill. Aaahhhh, so refreshing!


Marie - Mother of The Bird Nest said...

Beautiful! I'm still waiting for fall to hit here. The trees in MO are gorgeous because they cover the rolling hills and all you see is mounds and heaps of color. Can't wait!

ali degraff said...

ooohh. the first picture is beautiful! Can you blow that up for me to hang on my wall?