Friday, November 2, 2007

Ahhhhh, November.

There are so many good things about November. I love cleaning up the Halloween stuff, sifting through the candy and getting rid of the JUNK. I love the fall decorations and the baking and the cooler weather. November gives me a chance to settle down after too many Halloween festivities.
I love Thanksgiving and being with family and friends. Cooking, baking, desserts, warm drinks and savory dishes are just a few of my favorite things this month (gee, can you tell I love good food?) I love to share game nights and outings with my family and Ryan's family too.
I also love preparing for Christmas during November. The sales, the rush, crowds and the deals are always fun (well, not ALWAYS) and knowing that I'm done with the shopping makes me feel great.
I guess having a November Birthday makes this month special to me as well!
I'm just so happy that October is over! What a mess it was!


merideth said...

happy birthday this month! i am so missing our game nights we used to have.
and your blog made me very hungry for hot soup, hot cocoa, pies, bread, cakes....well the list could go on.

Amy said...

I love November too! I love baking so much, but it's going to hard to resist this year. Baked goods aren't so good for training!

Happy Birthday this month!

It's been good to see you a couple of times in the past week or so...I almost forgot what you looked like!

Heidi said...

I can't wait to celebrate your birthday! I love November too--one of my favorite months!

ali degraff said...

can't wait to celebrate! This is the big 3-0, isn't it?

sheena said...

You know how I feel about November as well! LOVE IT! I LOVE Thanksgiving because I LOVE food. I'm also loving it's your bday and we get to spend the whole weekend together!! I'm counting down the days!

Bring on the food!

Joe and Amy said...

Hi Kelly, it was fun to catch up with you and your cute family. it's so fun to reconnect with all of you Ricks girls.

And in the spirit of things...Happy Birthday!
Love, Amy (Vest) Lee

Oler Family said...

My mouth was watering reading your blog! That's one thing that we will always have in common...our love for good food!

Ben and Shara said...

Why don't you throw a huge party and I'll come to celebrate. Happy birthday.

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