Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Thanks Sheena, for tagging me...AGAIN!

six things about myself...well, they may not be very interesting, but here goes...

1. I love to be organized. I like to have things filed and put into place. Now, this doesn't mean that everything IS in it's exact place at all times, but I strive to have as much order as I can so I know where things are when I need them. From shoes to paperwork, I like to create a "home" for all of our family's clutter. Try as I might, I still have 4 little ones around that help me learn patience in organization.

2. Coloring, in a good old fashioned coloring book, is one of my favorite things to do. I'm so happy to have the excuse of coloring with my kids...I never turn it down when they ask if I'll color with them. Something about the smell of Crayolas and steady even crayon strokes is relaxing to me...almost therapeutic. I love it.

3. I have a fear of money. Not spending it. Handling it, and making transactions under someone else's account. By this, I mean, at a school function, or Girl Scouts or something, I do NOT want to be the one selling t-shirts or tickets or cookies, when large amounts of money are being handled. I don't like the pressure or responsibility of being accountable for it. Weird, but true. Let me color the posters or signs for the booth...not sell the goods. :)

4. Sometimes when I do my long runs on my training work outs, I throw in a cartwheel. Yup,, the split second of getting my feet off the ground is the best feeling! And it boosts my energy level on a long, monotonous run. It's silly, but wonderful and fun. I do it. Just ask Ali. I haven't ever done it in a race though, although I've been tempted.

5. Whipped cream is pretty much my favorite treat. I've been known to put it on my oatmeal if it's hanging around. I don't buy it very often for this very reason! I will have a cup of hot chocolate JUST so I can layer the top with this dreamy topping. I pretty much like it in any form, although, the real Whipping Cream tops them all!

6. when I grow up I want to be a nurse. I would love to go to nursing school when my children are a little older and I could go back to school. My fascination began when I was on bed rest for 10 weeks when I was pregnant with my twins. I went to the hospital 3 days a week for tests. I did so much talking with the nurses there and realized I truly have a desire to someday do this. I also loved my Anatomy and Physiology class in college. I am amazed at the miracle of the human body and feel like I would really enjoy learning more and then serving in this capacity. Being a labor and delivery nurse is where my interest lies the most.

I think everyone I know has been I would love to hear about your EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!!! Please share, anyone. I've got some good ones myself.


Oler Family said...

I can still remember all the coloring pages that you colored and hung on our kitchen wall at Ricks!

My most embaressing moment would have to be when Jesse and I were dating. I was tubing behind his parents boat and got thrown off. I was literally seeing stars. I managed to drag myself into the boat and unzipped my life jacket and began rubbing my sore head. I felt some akward no one was looking at me. I looked down to discover that my bathing suit had slid down under my chest and I had exposed myself to Jesse's WHOLE family. It was pretty humiliating!!!

olive-us said...

What a great post! I love that you do cartwheels in the middle of a run. I don't think I'm that coordinated to do one at a standstill let alone in the middle of mile 5.
I too enjoy coloring. It is very soothing and calming. There's nothing more relaxing then sitting down with your loved ones with crayons and a Thomas coloring book.

As far as embarrassing goes, this past Monday at work (Trader Joe's) I was checking on the register for an hour- bagging, chitchatting and what not- when after the hour was up and I went to the restroom I realized the zipper on my pants had been down the ENTIRE time!
"Enjoy your day, ma'am. And the view of my underwear."

Heather said...

You would be a great labor and delivery nurse!! Go for it.

Heather said...

You would be a great labor and delivery nurse!! Go for it.

sheena said...

Oler family wins for most embarassing moment, for sure.

Kelly, how did I not know you wanted to be a nurse...the secrets you keep from me!

The Close's Place said...

Hey Kel, I love that pic of your son at the top, how did you get it in the title thing?

Amy said...

I love coloring too! Give me a coloring book and I'm a happy girl!

One of my most recent embarrassing moments was during one of my Turbo Kick classes. One of the cool down songs was very exotic sounding. It came on and I said to a room full of students, "I love this song, it's so erotic!" Then realizing what I'd done, I racked my brain for the word I was actually looking for and said, "I mean exotic!" Luckily I don't think many people noticed.

ali degraff said...

I have too many embarrassing moments to narrow down. One that comes to mind is when I was working for Congressmen Doolittle and in short notice had to prepare an agenda for a meeting with important public officials. On the agenda, I wrote "introduce PUBIC officals"

hmmm...i wonder if there is such thing as a PUBIC offical?

Oh, and by the already are Nurse Kelly to our family!