Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Christmas Surprises.

Well, here we are! After all of our Christmas fun and busy weeks, we are home and happy to play! Santa came, and left everyone some great new things to keep us all very entertained.
Jaydon loves his marble track block set! He can build new tracks and watch his marbles roll for hours on end.Emily is completely happy to bake and decorate with her new cooking gear. Yummmmmmmy!

Little Ezra finally got over his fear of this battery-operated rocking horse (the neighs and movements scared him) and now he loves to rock as long as he can! Joel (a little camera shy) could build with his new Lincoln Logs all day and all night, if he didn't have to stop to do real life things (like eat and sleep).
We had a beautiful Christmas, and were VERY happy to be in our own home. We hope that your Christmas experience was one of joy and love.
Most of all, we were so happy to celebrate the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. How peaceful life is, when our thoughts are filled with Him. I love talking about, singing about and celebrating Him. It was such a joy to start our own new family traditions and keep the Savior at the center of our Christmas.


sheena said...

Emily is so cute in her little baking outfit!! So happy you guys had a great Christmas in your own home!!

Olive-us said...

I love Ezra on his rocking horse! I'm happy to see and read that you all had a wonderful holiday.
Happy New Year!

Heidi said...

Is that Santa's foot by the plate and cup? Emily is so cute--can I give my order to the chef?

Happy New Year!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Merry Christmas! Santa did bring fun toys! I love Christmas toys! The girls got roller skates. Too bad it is 16 degrees outside and they grow icicle whiskers when they try to skate and breathe at the same time!

Oler Family said...

Such cute pictures Kelly! I'm glad that you had a good Christmas. I love you new header on your blog, so funny!!