Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ode to the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!! I love this man! What is not to love? He's:
a GREAT husband
and FABULOUS father of 4!

You never know what this imaginative guy has up his sleeve.
Happy Birthday Ryan!
I love you!


merideth said...

wade and i think you are swell too.
happy birthday ryan!
and now a comment about my head it seems so easy wash dry fold put away. but it is such a nightmare.

sheena said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ryan dear!!!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday, Ryan! Have you accomplished all you thought you would by this age?

Ryan said...

Put another wrinkle on your birthday suit your birthday suit your birthday suit Oh put another wrinkle on your birthday suit your another year older today..or 3 days ago.. Happy Birthday Ryan!
Kasey &Fam

DebLawson said...

Happy Birthday to Ryan! Hope it was a good one.
I still remember when you first met him and me asking if he knew my friend Kristin from T.O! That was sooooo long ago!

Happy Birthday!

Olive-us said...

Happy belated Birthday, Ryan! I hope you had a great day!