Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Something I Miss

It's the season for baking, creating, and presenting delicious food. I long to be in my kitchen whipping up cookies and treats, breads and muffins, anything to tempt the pallet. The smells, the warmth and the comfort of home made pastries and breads are almost unbeatable. However, it's just not the time in my life when I can spend hours at a time (even 1 for that matter) trying out new recipes or indulging in guilty pleasures (home made cream puffs). We are busy around here with other fun, time consuming things. (Like changing diapers, cleaning up messes from snacks and meals, and playing games or doing puzzles). I fully enjoy doing these eventful things with my young family. But I do miss baking and cooking. I still put together a thing or two, but not as much as I'd love this time of year. I know there will be a time when I can bake to my heart's content. Hours on end! The kitchen in a delicious, buttery, baking mess! And then I'll probably wish I had little ones around to play games and do puzzles with. **sigh**.


merideth said...

seriously life is not fair that way. i know that day will come when there are no little ones running around me knocking me over...constantly wanting me to play games with them. i guess i made it sound not so fun, but it so much is.
and baking....i could bake and eat all day. that would be dangerous.
can i have your address for my christmas cards?
email me altomics@msn.com

sheena said...

That is the biggest muffin I've ever seen!

I found myself wondering if I'd even have time for Christmas cookies this year....how sad. BUt I really am trying to enjoy every moment of the Christmas season--watching Jonah's face light up at everything he sees!! It's so much fun!

Oler Family said...

I just can't seem to find time for Christmas baking this year so I organized a cookie exchange, I think I will do this every year. I made sugar cookies today and Olivia was covered in flour..I was watching her and she still ended up wearing the cookies. Then I would roll the dough out and Olivia would quickly press her cookie cutter down right smack in the middle of the dough so we would only get 3 cookies each time...it took FOREVER! We quit after 2 dozen!