Friday, January 11, 2008

A sad, sad day!

While all the excitement of a New Year, Birthdays and Baptisms were going on, Grandma and Grandpa were dealing with some not-so-exciting events of their own.

During their visit here to celebrate with Emily, they received a phone call relaying the devastating news of what was going on in their own back yard! What a shock! In the middle of the last big storm in their area, these gigantic oaks were split and fell, literally centimeters from my parents' home. (One tree did get the corner of the roof).

After 30 + years of having these "old friends" in the back yard to provide shade, climbing entertainment, hours of pretend play to myself as a youngster, and homes to plenty of squirrels and birds, they are gone. I can hardly believe it. I guess I get sentimental, a bit, because I remember playing out there for hours with my brothers and friends. I am reminded of "The Giving Tree". So many years of wonderful giving.

I felt bad for Mom and Dad, they probably felt trapped being here when they had this crisis lingering in the background. We're so happy they stayed for Emily's big day. I know it's been a major event to have the trees taken care of and cleaned up.

As silly as it feels to get sentimental over some trees, I can't help but feel a bit sad knowing that they are gone. Many, many good times and so much beauty were provided through the years. This Post talks about some of the good times. I know the yard will look lovely again soon, it will just take some adjusting to look out the window and not see these great giants.
(Thanks to Ryan and Kasey's Picassa for providing the awesome pictures!)


Oler Family said...

WOW! That is so sad! I can't believe that there was no damage to their house, that's amazing! I also can't believe that Emily is 8 already!!

DebLawson said...

That makes me so sad..... Your parent's backyard is a wonderland of trees and greenery and rocks! I understand what you mean about being sad that the trees are gone. So many memories.... Sorry that this happened. Good luck to your folks as they clean up the devastation.

rockkinrobbins said...

Sorry about that! It is nice you have memories of those trees. I love reading your blog.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I couldn't believe it when my dad told me about the trees! Seeing is believing. I too am sad about the lovely trees. They will be missed.

Heidi said...

what an awful thing. it's always sad to see a childhood memory go away.