Friday, February 29, 2008


At first I wasn't a big fan of the longer-hair look for little boys these days.  Then, it started to grow on me.  I thought we'd give it a try for our boys, they have always had such short hair.  Letting it grow was an adventurous change. (plus, it was convenient to not have to get a hair cut every 3 weeks)!  The boys liked it, especially in the bath tub...making crazy hair dos with shampoo in their lengthy locks.  They would discover new ways to comb it, slick it, frizz it, or just let it go "moppy."  
Well, it is now approaching spring and summer.  Their hair was still in the "in-between" stage of short and cute-long.  We decided a chop was due.  With all the out-door play, swimming and heat coming up, I know this was the best choice.  The boys didn't have a single argument at all.  Out came the trustee clippers with a #4 attachment, and Daddy doing the shearing.  A heap of blonde hair later, we had these 2 handsome boys! 

"I look bald", said one.

"now I can run super fast", said the other.

Had we remembered that just 3 days later it was "CRAZY HAIR DAY" at school, we wouldn't have had to resort to these WIGS to give their heads the craziness they needed.


This little monkey didn't want to be left out of all the excitement !

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If I had a Quarter...

For every time I heard myself say,
"clean up the {various toy }".
I could take all of you on a luxury vacation!

As happy as I am that the kids play, play, play instead of watch, watch, watch, it seems like I am a broken record asking them to clean it up when they are done. The family rule has always been:
Clean up the first toy/game before you get out the next one.
Well, building huge, elaborate figures out of Tinker Toys or Lincoln Logs is great fun, but destroying them and cleaning them up seem to be an impossible task to a couple of 5 year olds. It seems to be the phase of the season. This will pass, and who knows what will be next. Sometimes it just feels better to vent on my blog. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here, try this...

So, I took my daughter to the Dr. to get some medicine and they gave her a "time-release" capsule. We were given strict instructions, DO NOT:

But, little 8-year-old-girl,
take one of these every morning before you eat your breakfast...

Spending 40 minutes trying to calmly get my daughter to swallow a not-so-small pill before she gets to eat breakfast is NOT how I was intending to spend my morning. We've tried everything...
hide it in yogurt

put in on the back of the tongue and swallow really fast

put it in a straw and slurp really fast

hide it in yogurt again

put it in the bottom of your glass and "drink it"

any ideas?

maybe we should get one of these:
pill swallower's cup


I went to an Army Recruitment office, asking for some donated paraphernalia for an up-coming church activity. It went something like this:

Me :(hat on, very little make-up): Hi, I am doing an ARMY-themed activity and was wondering if there were posters or something that could be donated for us to set up?

Fatigue-clad gentleman (mid-thirties): Well, uh...we just moved to this building, and well...everything is sort of a mess right now. (sends another fatigue-clad gentleman to the back to look).

Me: Well, our event isn't for another 3 weeks, I can come back, if that's o.k.

Gentleman: our new building is just down the street, come back in 2 weeks.

Me: O.k., thank you so much. ( start to step out of the door).

Gentleman: Have you ever thought about joining the ARMY?

Me: Uh...? not really, I've got a car full of little ones. (the Mom-mobile was 2 feet away, crawling with antsy little ones).

Gentleman: ? What GRADE are you in?

Me: (laughing inside) Oh, I'm 30.

Gentleman: (pinkish) Wow, sorry M'am, I thought you were about 17.

oh boy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


My little ones are growing up too fast! I can't believe they'll be heading for the BIG "K" in a few months!! It's so bitter-sweet to see it all happen so fast. How lucky we've been to have "Ms. Ali" for a pre-school teacher! She comes HIGHLY recommended (unfortunately her teaching career is coming to a halt, but for GREAT reason!). The boys have learned so much since they started in her class; reading, math, art, problem solving, cooking, and don't forget Batman & Spiderman dress-up!! All the fun and learning appropriate for my energetic 5 year-olds. WE LOVE MS. ALI! We will miss having her as a teacher. Lucky for us, she's like family, so it doesn't end with Pre-school.

Thank you, Ali, for being such a wonderful, positive, fun and educational influence to my boys! What more could I ask for?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts all a-flutter

On Valentine's Morning my kids wake up to fluttering hearts in their door-ways. It's fun for them to look at each heart and see what silly, sweet thing has been written about them on this LOVE-ly day.

Do you have a Valentine's Day tradition?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Kiddie Catch-Up

It's been awhile since the kids' have shown their faces on this blog. Time to catch you up on what they've been doing since Christmas. So, in not-so-many-words, and several pictures, here's the latest:

Ezra and Jack hanging out together in a laundry basket,
watching Sesame Street.

Jaydon would play with his new Lincoln Logs
for HOURS on end if he wasn't so frequently interrupted.

check out this SWEET masterpiece!

Having friends over for playtime and snack is always a highlight!

Joel literally counts the days until each gymnastics class.
He LOVES it!

My twin monkeys!

Then there was the SLIME day!
What a fun, gooey mess
that we created on our own!

There you have it...a quick up-date on some of our fun stuff.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Monday Night!

Sure, I'll admit it. I've been a Mitt Romney fanatic ever since I heard him speak at some conference last year on TV. I thought to myself, how could we not want this guy for our president? On a last minute decision, Mr. Romney made a quick appearance Monday night in Long Beach. I had to go... and I had to bring my camera.
I got there early and got my camera set up on the media stand in the back, high and center. Huge American flag, big room/airplane hanger, and thousand(s?) of people. By the time the show started I was camped next to ABC News and NBC to name a few. I wondered if I should even be where I was, but I had the best shot and was treated equal. This is a shortbehind the scenes clip. Highlight clips from the speech are at the bottom below.
Hugh Hewitt and a few Congressmen gave the intro and fired up the crowd and when Mitt came out everyone went wild. It was so fun to be in the mix of this all, especially after I've been watching him closely on TV for over a year. Now, he's right there LIVE! Posters flying, foam mit gloves.. it was cool. He gave a great speech, and it was fun to see all the in-between stuff that they dont show on TV. Like starting the speech holding his 2 month old grandson, or looking a humbled by how loud and long people cheered. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their mannerisms. At one point the crowd kept cheering "Mitt, Mitt, Mitt..." and it got louder and louder. And I saw him turn around at his son Tag and give him the look of "I can't believe this is happening, can you?". There's something golden in a person when they can be a strong leader and humble about it at the same time. Can't say that for any other candidate.
When it was over, I hung out on the stage to soak it in a little, and Mitt's press guy came up and instructed me where the post-press conference was. I said, " Oh, thanks" all the while holding in the biggest "ARE YOU SERIOUS!! YEAHH!!!"

So I went out and through the fans to the door where Mitt and a few news channels were and the guard at the door smiled as I walked right on in. It was quiet and surreal. I was afraid to set up by the big dogs so I stood to the side and then Mitt came out the side curtain RIGHT next to me. I could have given him a hug with my HD camera in one hand pointing back at us like the ones you take of you and a friend with your own hand, but being in the press room, I felt it was unprofessional. But to see him that close and the kind of person he is gives me the most respect ever and I hope he does well today. SO GO VOTE... and choose wisely.

Below is a condensed 4 min clip of my footage from his speech. Good stuff.

Birthday Girls

well, my birthday greetings aren't as clever or cute as this (but am I ever?). Regardless, I want to send out some HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to my wonderful SISTER -In-Law, KAYLYNN! although not a blogger, I know she'd be a fun one if she had a SINGLE SPARE SECOND in her day! If you want to truly meet a super-woman it has to be this one... soon-to-be mother of 3, team mom, Primary Pres. (ok, recently released...phew), wife to my brother (a sure saint right there), stylish, cute, fun, and brilliant (she actually knows about politics and world events...)the list could go on and on. WE love you and wish you a very happy birthday!!!

my fitness hero, AMY, is celebrating today as well! What I love about her, is her motivation and ambition to set and accomplish goals. Just finishing her first marathon is something that really inspires me! WOW! If someone deserves a relaxing break today it's Amy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND..I'm glad we get to celebrate! love ya!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

a day to myself?

For many weeks now (since Christmas...) my house has been getting more and more messy! I try to keep it up and maintain the tidiness. My brain seems to go into over-load when I am constantly surrounded by clutter and messes. I just couldn't find the time I needed. If I could just get a day to "catch up" (and not deal with outside messy matters - see previous post) then I could relax again. Well, today was that day. My sweet husband says, " I can take the kids to G'ma & G'pa's house with me for my next job this weekend. What do you think?" WHAT? (trying not to look TOO excited at the thought of a little down time).

So what did I do with a complete day, all to myself? Well, the options were practically limitless but I chose to:
Shampoo my carpet ( thanks Kirby)

Clean my entire house, top to bottom (and it actually stayed clean for longer than 15 minutes!)

Then eat some delicious Chinese food with a great friend! (thanks Al)

What would you do with a day all to yourself?