Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Birthday Girls

well, my birthday greetings aren't as clever or cute as this (but am I ever?). Regardless, I want to send out some HAPPY BIRTHDAY greetings to my wonderful SISTER -In-Law, KAYLYNN! although not a blogger, I know she'd be a fun one if she had a SINGLE SPARE SECOND in her day! If you want to truly meet a super-woman it has to be this one... soon-to-be mother of 3, team mom, Primary Pres. (ok, recently released...phew), wife to my brother (a sure saint right there), stylish, cute, fun, and brilliant (she actually knows about politics and world events...)the list could go on and on. WE love you and wish you a very happy birthday!!!

my fitness hero, AMY, is celebrating today as well! What I love about her, is her motivation and ambition to set and accomplish goals. Just finishing her first marathon is something that really inspires me! WOW! If someone deserves a relaxing break today it's Amy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND..I'm glad we get to celebrate! love ya!


Heidi said...

I love birthdays and I love celebrating!! Happy birthday to one I don't know and another I call a BFF.

Amy said...

Kelly, you are great! Thank you for my little shout out on your bloggy blog.

DebLawson said...

Happy Birthday to Kaylynn!! She is super wonderful, and Kelly, please! Keep us posted when she has her baby.... I love Kaylynn and wish her all the best life has to offer.
Hope she had a great birthday!