Sunday, February 17, 2008


My little ones are growing up too fast! I can't believe they'll be heading for the BIG "K" in a few months!! It's so bitter-sweet to see it all happen so fast. How lucky we've been to have "Ms. Ali" for a pre-school teacher! She comes HIGHLY recommended (unfortunately her teaching career is coming to a halt, but for GREAT reason!). The boys have learned so much since they started in her class; reading, math, art, problem solving, cooking, and don't forget Batman & Spiderman dress-up!! All the fun and learning appropriate for my energetic 5 year-olds. WE LOVE MS. ALI! We will miss having her as a teacher. Lucky for us, she's like family, so it doesn't end with Pre-school.

Thank you, Ali, for being such a wonderful, positive, fun and educational influence to my boys! What more could I ask for?


merideth said...

oh how much would i love if taylor could go to miss ali's preschool next year.
wow you are going to be kid free before you know it.
as long as ezra is taking a nap while the boys will be at school.

i can't believe our kids are growing up.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Eventhough I am anti-preschool, i am still SUPER jealous that your kids get to have Ali as their preschool teacher. It looks like so much fun!

sheena said...

I wish Mrzz Ali could be my teacher. So hip and fun.

And I can't believe the boys will be in Kindergarten. CRAZY!