Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here, try this...

So, I took my daughter to the Dr. to get some medicine and they gave her a "time-release" capsule. We were given strict instructions, DO NOT:

But, little 8-year-old-girl,
take one of these every morning before you eat your breakfast...

Spending 40 minutes trying to calmly get my daughter to swallow a not-so-small pill before she gets to eat breakfast is NOT how I was intending to spend my morning. We've tried everything...
hide it in yogurt

put in on the back of the tongue and swallow really fast

put it in a straw and slurp really fast

hide it in yogurt again

put it in the bottom of your glass and "drink it"

any ideas?

maybe we should get one of these:
pill swallower's cup


Amy said...

Wow, those are pretty intense instructions! I never have seen a pill swallowing cup, how clever! I wish I had some suggestions, but I don't. Sorry!

Oler Family said...

I'm excited to check up on this post to see what other people say because I am so bad at taking pills, poor Emily!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Ughhh! I feel like I need to spend our snow day tomorrow practicing swallowing pills just in case this happens to us. Maybe we could start small with Nerds and work up to Smarties. Good luck!

Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

Try peanut butter. She can just lick it right off your finger. Works great with most animals..It's worth a try... :]

Olive-us said...

Oh, how I do not envy you. I wish I had a magical suggestion for the pill taking but I have no clue.
I agree with Kasey's suggestion. It does work for dogs . But instead of having her lick it off your finger, maybe hide it in a sandwich. Or hide it in a hot dog. That works for Roxi.

Olive-us said...

I hope Emily feels better soon.

sheena said...

amen to Kasey and Shawna. It was my first can't go wrong with a spoonful of PB and maybe a chew toy afterward.

The Close's Place said...

I remember always struggling to swallow pills as a kid. It was so traumatic.