Friday, February 8, 2008

Kiddie Catch-Up

It's been awhile since the kids' have shown their faces on this blog. Time to catch you up on what they've been doing since Christmas. So, in not-so-many-words, and several pictures, here's the latest:

Ezra and Jack hanging out together in a laundry basket,
watching Sesame Street.

Jaydon would play with his new Lincoln Logs
for HOURS on end if he wasn't so frequently interrupted.

check out this SWEET masterpiece!

Having friends over for playtime and snack is always a highlight!

Joel literally counts the days until each gymnastics class.
He LOVES it!

My twin monkeys!

Then there was the SLIME day!
What a fun, gooey mess
that we created on our own!

There you have it...a quick up-date on some of our fun stuff.


ali degraff said...

I love the picture of Jack and Ezzy. Jack has the best babysitter in the WHOLE world!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Is that corn starch and water with food coloring? My kids love that stuff.

Gymnastics? What lucky kiddos!

Your snacks look just like ours!

How do you keep Ezra out of the Lincoln Logs?

Desta said...

This is totally unrelated (although your kids are dang cute and you guys always do cool stuff). But I was just wondering if I can post an old picture of you and Travis from a dance you went to on our Flashback Friday segment this week. I am getting permission from people this go around. Anyway, let me know. Oh yeah, your picture would not be the only one posted, I'm putting lots up this week.