Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Car Talk

While driving home from an outing today, this is what I heard (from my 5 year-old-boys.)

J1 - "oh, look! a yellow Hummer!"
J2 - "is it an H2 or H3?"
Mom - "it's an H2"
J1 -" when I get bigger can I have a Hummer?"
Mom- "yeah, if you get lots and lots and lots of money, you can have a Hummer."
J1 - "when I get 15 dollars, I 'm going to get a real Hummer. "
J2 - "yeah, and when I get some money, and share J1's, I'll get a Hummer too."


J1 - "Hummers are AWESOME!"


Anonymous said...

I would love a hummer

DebLawson said...

Your boys are awesome!!!!
My girls just do the "slug bug" or "bingo" car games... they aren't interested in what kinds of cars they see! They are girly-girls!


DebLawson said...
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DebLawson said...

sorry, that deleted comment is from me, I accidently posted twice, sorry!

sheena said...

I love this. Jonah is even in on the Hummer rage. We drive past a Hummer dealer all the time and he says

Jonah gets a red hummer.
Daddy gets a blue hummer.
Mommy gets a green hummer.
Lucy gets a pink hummer.

How many times can I say hummer. It's lost all meaning.

Ben and Shara said...

How funny that they even know what a hummer is. What a crack up! And I love their understanding of money. so funny!

Angel and Cameron said...

That is hilarious! Out of the mouth of babes!

Oler Family said...

Seriously, how funny are they? They talk like my husband!!

ali degraff said...

i can hear their voices having this conversation. how cute.