Monday, April 21, 2008

Getting Ready for Summer!


Here is Ezra modeling his swim get-up. (We're struggling in the safety -swim-wear department. Regular arm floaties are not allowed in our neighborhood pool).
Despite the spandex-snug shorts, this seems to be his attire of choice. Or, maybe he likes the spandex shorts?
When we put it on him, he began dancing and galloping around the house chanting (in Ezraneese) "swim, swim, swim!"
So, until he's swimming on his own, this little muscle-man suit will have to do. There's no keeping this guy out of the water! He loves EVERYTHING that has to do with water. (good thing the fridge dispenser has a lock function).


Anonymous said...

Oh I am IN LOVE!!!! I want to hold that kid and tickle and hug HIM. I am depressed that I can't get my hands and lips on those cute cheeks. I feel the same way about all 4 of MY Nincompoos down there. I will be down soon. Love and Hugs G'ma

sheena said...

Is he doing squats?

I think you all should get matching attire. Actually, that should be the beach house theme this year.

April said...

We call this the "nerd suit"at our house. I probably don't have to tell you's kind of self explanatory. Can you believe we have this many kids? They are so, so cute!

Amy said...

Ezra cracks me up! He's looking really buff in that get-up!

Dad said...

Jack needs a matching one. does this one keep him afloat.

come to think of it, I need one of those. It would cover all my problem areas FAMOUSLY!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Too bad our fridge dispenser doesn't. I swear my kids water the garden with the thing.