Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shout it out!!!

I might be a day or two behind in posting this, but it doesn't make it any less special!

What can I say about a mother who has it all!?
Because of her,
I can say I am the luckiest gal around!

This amazing woman has taught me more than I can even comprehend. I have learned to be confident, trusting, optimistic, caring, loving, silly, happy, loyal, friendly , and true to myself because of my mother's example. I discover new things about myself everyday, and to her I am forever grateful!
Thank you for your endless enthusiasm
and tireless example of who I want to be when I grow up!

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! I love you!


rockkinrobbins said...


Maureen L said...

Yes I am a blog stocker! I have to post to this one, Your mom is one of a kind, she is fun, happy, kiddy, and someone I am happy to call my friend. I love you Kathy, Thanks for being someone I want to be when I grow up! oh wait Im already grown up! Bummer! Thanks for your example! Maureen
PS: Kelly I love reading your blogs, you remind me of your mom!

Ryan Southwell said...

I'm lovin' that gold tooth!!

Olive-us said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy!!!

What a wonderful tribute to an incredible woman.
So sweet.
I too love the grill.... was that a gift from Bob?

DebLawson said...

What a nice tribute to your mom, Kelly!
Happy Birthday Sister Jibson!!!!

ali degraff said...

Happy Birthday, Kathy! I always think of you when I am driving in my car and a catchy song comes on that makes me want to SNAP to the beat. You were always the snapper!

Plus, everytime Kelly tells me she got the giggles reading or playing with one of the kids, I know she got that triat from you!

I hope your b-day was the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Kathy said...
Thanks everyone for your comments and B'day wishes. I am crying and laughing all at the same time as I read this blog. My GOLD tooth is gleaming as I laugh, and that thought makes me laugh even harder! I love you all and feel richly blessed to know and love all of you.
I'm snapping my fingers right now Ali as I'm trying to keep beat to the music playing in my house as I type.
To my daughter who I love, adore and cherish, you are the best. Thank you for my B'day tribute. I'm so thankful to be your MOM !!
Love and HUGS MOM/Kathy xoxxo

sheena said...

Can I still throw in my 2 cents?!! Kelly...you are right--you have everything you could ever want and need in a mom....and I got it in a mother-in-law!! Most people aren't 1/2 as lucky!!

The Close's Place said...

I have lots of fond memories of your mom. Happy day to her.