Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guess What We Saw?

...Animals that are MORE wild than we are! Thanks to some great friends with extra tickets, our 2 families were able to enjoy the day at the San Diego Zoo.

The kids were so excited to see all the animals and the shows. Joel was our Zoo Navigator as he figured out which animals to go see next and what time each show started. (We made it to 1 show).

They were even selected to go up on stage during the magic show and taste some nasty-tasting flowers.

Look at these two monkeys staring face to face!

Too bad I'm not the worlds best photographer, otherwise you could see better pictures of the kids and the animals. I just point and shoot...sorry for the amateur shots!

We had tons of fun, and everyone was wiped out...again.


Brooke said...

Hey Kelly! We love the zoo. My kids got called up in a show once to eat meal worms...and they ate them. So what's wrong with my broccli that they'd rather eat worms?! Carmen just flew out and we had so much fun! She showed me the dance festival routine. Impressive. Send me the clip. Nate can't wait to see Ryan with his "jazz hands" on the first 5,6,7,8 of the swing. --b

Oler Family said...

It looks like you had a blast! Your pictures are great! You should see the zoo here! They have skunks, prarie dogs..what ever that is, and hamsters....that is seriously as exciting as it gets. Can you even really call that a zoo?

merideth said...

san diego sounds fun!! and i can't wait to be near you guys nights here we come!!

ali degraff said...

Is merideth planning on traveling 3 hours for game night? awesome!

sad we couldn't come with you to the zoo. Looks like a blast!

Olive-us said...

How fun!
The San Diego Zoo is really the greatest zoo.
The Folsom Zoo is a close second. :)

merideth said...

actually i was thinking more like when kelly and ryan come to visit ryans parents...but heck three hour drive for a good game night might be worth it!!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I love the zoo too!