Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Forgot.

I have forgotten what it's like to have a 2 year old.

I forgot:
- that they scream every time you take away the sharp scissors, or marker, or glasses,...

-that they throw themselves on the floor kicking after you get them out of the mud puddle, off the table, out of the drawer,...
-that when they go to feed the turtle, it doesn't eat the ENTIRE container of food
-the freshly painted walls are their blank canvas for creativity ( or just scribbles)
-that the sink is a favorite mess-making past-time
-when the poo has come out of their diaper they look at you and innocently say "eeeeewww"
-saying "come back here right now!" really means "Keep running as far away as you can"
-throwing their food is their way of letting me know meal time is over

I also forgot:
- how they love to repeat everything they hear, in their own sweet little voice

-that playing peek-a-boo can bring out a giggle that is better than any other sound in the world
-how cute they are when they stand at your feet, reaching up, saying "pup peeesth" (how can you resist?)
-that when the music comes on they love to dance their awkward little silly dance
-that they love to mimic every animal sound they hear
-that they are so easily entertained
-how my heart melts when they lay their head on my shoulder when they are tired or sad
-how precious it is when they kneel down by their bed and say their own little "prayer" each night

I'm so glad that my little one is helping me REMEMBER!!


Oler Family said...

What a sweet post. Carter is entering the 2's as well. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a phase but at the same time I want to freeze him at this age forever! I love the picture in the sink. That is hilarious!

ali degraff said...

that picture is classic! This is such a bittersweet age. You summed it up perfectly!

I still can't figure out what "pup peesth" is? cup please? up please? hug please?

ali degraff said...
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The Steenhoek Clan said...

So true...gotta love them.

merideth said...

love it! and that picture is so great. what a cute kid!

Desta said...

One day our kids will have to hang out. I have a feeling they would get along swimmingly.

Ryan Southwell said...

oh yeah, in Ezzy's language, it's "up, please"

Amy said...

I love that picture!

I too love all of those things, because they all pretty much happen at our house too. Well, but instead of a turtle, it's the dogs.

merideth said...

hey kel just me again...will you leave me your email? i have a question for you. no big rush.

Kaylynn said...

How cute is HE? How long until we're all together again? I'm glad I have a few years until we're at that 2 stage!!! I'm cherishing every moment I get while Kara doesn't talk back or throw attitude at me like my boys. I know it will come but right now I love where she's at!!! Talk to you later.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Amen Kelly. AMEN!

heidi said...

life feels the same here too.