Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I was Tagged...

...a long time ago! Cara tagged me with a fun, new "purse" tag, that I finally got around to doing!

I've been searching for a purse recently.
This is a little $1 Spot treasure I found. I'm not crafty, but I had to add the strap and the ric-rac...

...and I HAVE to have pockets in my purse, so I added 2. And a snap.

Here are the contents of my purse (minus the 3 gum wrappers I threw away).
Kleenex, lady necessities, Water Babies sun-block stick (love it!)
Velvet Tuberose lotion (not my favorite, but it's O.K.), hand sanitizer,
Orbit gum, Sweet Mint- yum, 3 bobby pins, pocket calendar, wallet,
ticket from UTA trax, wipes, Mentha Lip Tint (FAVORITE) lip gloss,
keys, cheap Target sunglasses (they do the job), and of coarse, a spare binki.
At any given time there could be extra snacks, or a diaper thrown in there too! Since I love to see what's in people's purses, I tag:
& Kaylynn (when she starts a blog)


ali degraff said...

what? why don't you have wadded up receipts, half-eaten PBJ sandwiches, dirty diapers, etc?

that looks WAAAAYYY too clean to be a normal mom's purse! now it makes sense why I always come to you when I forget something in my purse.

cara lou said...

Okay that purse is seriously cute. Nice job with the mods, too. You ARE crafty, silly!

Oler Family said...

Could you be any more organized? I love it! I'm with Ali on this one. Her purse sounds just like mine!

Heidi said...

I'm sad that you didn't tag me because I KNOW I would win for the coolest stuff around in a purse--I know why you didn't tag me, because you didn't want me to be embarrassed...

The Jibsons said...

OK already - I know you want me to start a blog - hey - that sounds like a good name for one!!! Check me out at (see someone just needed to tag me to get me to start up a blog) Love ya Kelly!

kelly southwell said...

Heidi, you are TAGGED!!! I want to see it all! Embarrassing stuff and all :)

Heidi said...

I think I bared enough at BJ's that one night. Remember? I layed it all out on the table and it was disgusting. I just got sad for a minute when I thought that maybe you didn't want to see all that crap again...but thanks anyway. My purse actually isn't exciting anymore after that night. I have redeemed myself from that tell-all.

Amy said...

I love this clever! I agree, your purse does look way too clean!

I too am a huge fan of the Mentha Lip products from the ol' Bath & Body Works! I swear I have one in every bag I own, plus two in the car.