Monday, May 5, 2008

Just for Men

Tonight at family night, Ryan was talking with Emily about getting older. The subject of gray hair came up. (as if Emily was getting gray hair because she's growing up so fast). Then, the conversation went something like this:

Ryan: "Does Troy have gray hair?"
Kids: "No"
Ryan: "Does Trent have gray hair?"
Kids: "No"
Ryan: "See, I'm the only one. It's from stress."
Jaydon: "Don't worry, Dad. It's not gray. It's white."
Joel: "You are not the only one."
Jaydon: "Yeah, Grandpa Jibson and Grandpa Southwell have gray hair."
Emily: "And Nana and Papa have gray hair."

That's when my laughter would not stay contained and I ran to get the computer!


Kasey said...

That's really funny...too bad they are all a solid 25-50 years older then you!

ali degraff said...

for the record....troy finds new grey hairs every morning!

Olive-us said...

I love that!
Kelly, Rob is covered in grey. I refer to his grey as his zebra stripes. There is nothing funnier when I ask Olive what color daddy's hair is and she says, "zebra colors". Although it's not very funny when she says mine is yellow and brown. I know then that it is time to get my roots done. :)
I hope you had a great time in Utah!

Amy said...

Brandon has lots too! When his hair gets longer, he begs me to cut it so that you can't see it as much. He blames it on me and Sebastian. What can I say?