Friday, May 2, 2008

Mr. Mom Understands

Day three. I'm not searching for pity or compliments here, seriously, but I was thinking today about stuff. Cool eh? Well, here's my thought. After making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and picking up the house, mopping, and doing dishes so I don't get behind, I realized that I was... lonely. I felt like this could be such a hard, difficult life for those who are single parents or feel like they slave away to no avail. But most importantly I missed having communication with other adults. I see why my wife is always on the phone during her mid-day kitchen cleanup. But me? I didn't really have anyone to call to just talk to, being that most male adults go to an office job. But it's not even a guy thing to do, yet found myself wishing.
(Of course I love my kids, despite that I spend half my day breaking up their fights. But Kelly makes he way through it all and is Wonder Woman for it.)

Jack Wayland once wrote a book called "Charlie" where a guy marries a girl who is sick, but they have a baby and then the mom dies. I happen to know what happened next that was not in the book or movie (they were based on a true story in case you didnt know). He later finds another lovely lady who fulfills his life. And here I am. Point being, a man needs his woman. And I can see that through different eyes now. Not for just the cooking and washing our clothes, but for sanity, to avoid that loneliness.
Anyway, this is sounding depressed. I am not, but I appreciate things like my dad, sister, mom, and wife for the struggles they have come over.
Soooooo, I took the kids to the pool and my back looks like a fresh cut of Basashi (raw cut of horse meat. Japanese delicacy). Sunburn. Although the kids had a great time. Oh, and Ezra thinks he's funny by sticking his bulgy stomach out and walking in the shape of the letter "c".
Tomorrow, we go to the air show and then I get to socialize with other adults in the evening. Can't wait.

Time to go do some laundry....


ali degraff said...

Let's hope the story of Charlie never happens to any of us! That is my worst nightmare!

You are doing a great job! Kelly would have been impressed with your level of preparation for the air show today...snacks, sunblock, water, cameras, etc.

Only one more day to go!

Ryan Southwell said...

I miss my hunny. But I must say I got through the week without having "breakfast" dinners every day and droning the kids in front of the TV. I am surprised at all that we did, BUT I didn't do an ounce of work the whole time so I can't imagine trying to do both. Besides that, the kids are happy and we had a great time today.

Amy said...

It sounds like you're doing a great job, Ryan! It's also nice to hear your outlook on being a stay at home mom/dad. Although our one child is hardly the same work of four, I'd love to see how Brandon would react if he was Mr. Mom for an extended period of time without me. Interesting...I think I should do an experiment!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

William likes to sing me the song... "On the phone again,I just can't wait to get on the phone again..."

Ha, ha, ha, he's so funny! I hear ya on the lonely part.