Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Super (busy) Tuesday

I got to go on my first field trip as a mom! It was so fun to take Jaydon and Joel to join Emily and her 2nd grade class at the Diamond Valley History Museum.

Each student got to be an archaeologist for a day. They were able to use tools and equipment to excavate "fossils" from the sand and dirt. Emily was so excited to see what treasures she would uncover!
Here was one of her favorite surprises! A very sharp tooth.
She wanted to show the boys, but they were busy doing this...

Siblings were not allowed in the Lab, so they had to watch, longingly at the window.
(I did get to sneak them in for a second to take a peek).
The main exhibit was the highlight of the day. The displays were amazing and the kids loved all the hands-on features. They even got to make their own Ice-Age Creature "fossil".

After 6 hours at the museum we were pretty tired, but had to move on to gymnastics for the boys, and a sweet Mother, Daughter tea party for Activity Girls for Emily and I.
We were exhausted, but it was a fun day.


ali degraff said...

That is more than I have on my calendar in a week! What a fun day. I love the picture of the boys by the window!

Oler Family said...

You are such a fun mom! That is such a cute picture of you and Emily, you seriously don't age!

Olive-us said...

How fun!
Kelly, you're the best mom!

S&K 18 said...

Wow I didn't realize what a busy day you had. Glad you were able to make it to the activity.