Monday, May 26, 2008

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My Joys:
1- My family
2- making new delicious recipes
3- watching and listening to my children use their imaginations

My Fears:
1- Losing a loved one, especially my children or husband
2- knowing my children will be faced with terrible, worrisome temptations (can't I keep them in a bubble ) :)
3- watching friends/family suffer with illness

My Goals:
1- do a home organization project every week after the boys start Kindgarten
2- get the backyard finished in time for a summer BBQ (Aug 31st?)
3- find and train for another race.

My Current Obsessions/Collections:
1- Blogging...
2- spices
3-Grocery Game ('s addicting)

Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1-I took piano lessons for 7 years...can barely pluck out a tune ( I dread it, and CANNOT play in front of people).
2- I still have and wear the same retainer that I've had since I was a Jr. in high school
3- I wash my feet in my bathroom sink every night (gross, I know)

I'm tagging:
1- Sheena
2- Kaylynn
3- Kasey
4- Heidi
5- Ali

and anyone else who'd love to do this fun TAG! (I'd love to know these facts about all of you!)


Oler Family said...

What is the grocery game? How did your race go today? I'm dying to see some pictures!

Amy said...

I'm with you on the race thing. I really need to get back into running. I'm actually starting to miss it after being ruined by my marathon!

I cracked up out loud when I read that you wash your feet in the bathroom sink. You're so funny!

ali degraff said...

at least you go to bed with clean feet. way to go on a fast, fast race.

Kasey said...

I wash my feet in the sink too! Actually it's my quite time. I sit on the counter and soak my feet...I do have a foot bath but its too much work.