Saturday, June 28, 2008

24 hours of Paradise

What can I say? There are no words to describe how FABULOUS our surprise 10 yr. anniversary was!
Although we were just in our "back yard" , so to speak, I felt worlds away from cares, responsibilities and chores. Our hectic life was put on hold.
All I have to say is a huge THANK YOU to my wonderful husband. The time has gone by so quickly. We are more busy now than ever before, and loving life. But to pause and have this time together was priceless (well, it did have a slight cost$$$).

Thank you for the surprises, and for treating better than I deserve to be treated.

Also, fellow bloggers, thank you for having a part in making the video presentation that much more exciting. It was like I was sharing our happy moments with all of you. Thanks for your fun comments on our anniversary!

Ryan , you are the greatest!
I love you.


rockkinrobbins said...


Oler Family said...

Yeah, I think paradise is a great word to describe your get looks absolutely beautiful! Great pictures! My getaway these days is a 5 minute shower!!!!

ali degraff said...

i am glad you got to escape!

S&K 18 said...

Wow that looks wonderful!