Tuesday, June 3, 2008

catch-up...photo style. (revised)

We've been creating family-room-sized rail road tracks
We've had CRAZY weather (from 103 heat to hail & tornadoes!!)
We've been creating art on a tummy canvas

We've been working on disastrous bedrooms
(rearranging and cleaning)
We've been running...
and running...

And finally... we've been climbing,


and partying at

tons of fun!!


Oler Family said...

You are sooo busy! You need to reveal your secret of where you get all of your energy! You look amazing by the way..you little runner you!!

merideth said...

i love it! i want to live at your house. and i love a pump it up party.
and kelly you are one hot mamma.

Hull Family said...

What super fun times! Way to go on your marathon! You are super awesome! Your kids are darling and it looks like you guys just have a blast all the time!

Amy said...

You guys do such fun stuff! I'm so proud of you for your half! Way to go!

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

A bounce house party? How fun! How was your tornado? We're getting ready for a huge tornadic storm to blow in. Is that a word? Tornadic? Well it should be.

Kasey said...

So fun! You are supermom!