Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's the E.R.

Our tradition for special occasions is to serve the celebrity-for-the-day breakfast in bed. So, as a family, we got up and made Daddy's favorite...waffles. As I was pouring the batter to make the next steamy batch, Emily was stirring the orange juice. The next thing I heard was, "Uh, Mom, can you help me...quick!" (but in a surprisingly calm voice). I turned around to find blood flowing quite freely down Emily's raised arm (over the kitchen sink). My brain began to race...I didn't know what to do first. As my head was scrambling to find the answer, my hands just quickly started moving without a conscience thought. I grabbed some paper towels to clean her up, rinsed off some of the blood (only for it to return seconds later) and I tried to see how deep, and where, the cut was. (And, yes, by this time, I was wondering HOW on earth do you cut your hand by stirring orange juice??!!) I had her squeeze the towels and I ran up stairs (waffles burning..and I was trying to brown the roast for dinner) to wake up Ryan. "Emily cut herself and I don't know what to do!!" Happy Father's Day!

Well, long story longer, Ryan ended up taking her to the E.R. for 4 1/2 hours! She ended up NOT getting stitches...phew...but butterfly bandages to close up the wound and had her hand wrapped, like a boxing glove. After talking to her, I found out that she was trying to cut the wrapper off the o.j. container WITH A HUGE KITCHEN KNIFE!! It slipped and cut her left hand right at the thumb joint.
Who would have thought that all of this would happen just by "stirring the orange juice"?

So, Ryan, being the fabulous Dad that he is, sacrificed his day to be the ultimate father once again. Thanks for taking care of our family! We love you and we're glad Em's O.K.


rockkinrobbins said...

Wow!! I was going to say "we missed you at church today" that explains it! Happy Father's day. Glad your ok!

ali degraff said...

At least he got his waffles!

I am glad emily is okay!

The Close's Place said...

What a day!! bet you won't forget this Father's day anytime soon.

Hopefully your girly will look for some scissors next time :)

Kaylynn said...

Emily - you are just like your Aunt Kaylynn (it must be an oldest girl thing) you always have to have the attention!!! You couldn't let your dad have 1 day huh? I love you!!!!! I'm glad you are OK!!!! Will you still have your bandage on for the beachhouse? Let me know.

heidi said...

I'm glad she's okay!! Darn those sharp knives.