Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh What Do You Do In the Summer Time?

With only 4 days left of school, I'm on the hunt...
I'm looking for some fun, cheap (free) activities to do with the kids
during the summer. We have vacations planned, but I'm talking about
daily things to do...projects, things to make, you know - keep ' em busy!
Please share!


Desta said...

You should definitely check out my good friend's blog - Live, Laugh, Learn - There are running posts with things to read, do, etc. for all ages. There are also weekly challenges and such which everyone is encouraged to participate in. And all of it is extremely cheap/free.

Kaylynn said...

So I got your message earlier today - I totally remember the treasure hunt!!!! My boys loved it last summer - I'm pretty sure it got thrown out in the move - I had good intentions of finding a great box to keep the clues in - however they stayed in the plastic sack and I'm sure someone just thought it was garbage because I haven't been able to find it. Maybe i will have to copy your clues!!! Talk to you later.

ali degraff said...

I have a good idea...PLAYDATES.

bring them over and I'll "babysit" them with playstation. uh-oh. did I just say the "p" word?

why don't you try trash sculptures? I did that when I taught 1st grade. You gather up a bunch of garbage items and some masking tape and let them create something cool. My kids would write about it after, but yours could just have a good time.

Heather said...

I hear that there is a Mark Twain park of some kind that is full of mud and all kinds of fun goop that is either really cheap or free, can't remember and we never made it there, but I remember thinking the boys would love it.

ali degraff said...

yes. i know that park. it's in huntington beach or something? Let's go!

Amy said...

Oh, I'll have to check out the comments you get for this one. We're always looking for ways to be entertained!

We need to get together!

1photochick said...


Hey, I am Jennifer Mishler's sister out in Utah. Hope you don't mind me "stalking" but you have such a fun blog!

Something really fun to keep the kids busy in the summer is to form a mom's group. I did that in the town I just moved to last Fall. We had a meeting and scheduled one fieldtrip a week with our kids, we are also meeting for storytime once a week at the library, and then people are sponsoring mini events like slip and slide at their house, etc. We run the calendar off a yahoo group website so anyone can invite or check out what's going on.