Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our 10 Year Anniversary

Shhh! As this post goes live I am driving Kelly away to a nice hotel as a surprise.
So here's the deal... We'll go and check in, hang out at the pool, dress up for a nice dinner, then head back to the room for another surprise (easy ladies). This is 10 years we're talking about here, and it is so ironic that half of my business comes in from wedding videography and we don't even have a video ourselves....

... until now.

MIRACULOUSLY, I have two VHS tapes to pull from that have reserved a good portion of our wedding memories. You know "that guy" who walks around at weddings with the camera non-stop getting in everyone's face? Well, that guy is my hero! Without him, I couldn't remember all these memories, nor would I have had the opportunity to discover a NEW editing style that I am starting to like. It's edgy, non-congruent... it's raw. And it's all I had to work with. Those heroes are Jay Sessions and my Dad.

So tonight I will surprise her as we watch this (full version) for the first time on our hotel room LCD and then hopefully check back here to see if our family and friends have had a chance to reflect, especially those who were there (or not). To Kelly, thanks for not running away when the first thing I could ever think of to say to you for the first time was "Will you marry me?" Thanks for being an awesome wife and mom to our 4 kids. Thanks for being so beautiful (lucky me), even more than the day we were married. I love you... so much.

(special thanks to: my videographers Jay Sessions & Bill Southwell, Apple, motion stabilizers, color correction, Photoshop, Cold Play, Van Morrison, our photographer Massey Studio from Provo [if you know where I can contact anyone since he died let me know], consultants/providers/friends Judd Rackham and John Stephens, and most of all my Hot Wife.)


ali degraff said...

I've been waiting all day to see this. I hope you guys are having a great time celebrating your 10 year anniversary. What an accomplishment...and to still actually be as happy as you were on day one! Now for a few comments on the video (which is awesome, Ryan):

1. Kelly - our eyebrows keep getting thinner and ten more years they'll be gone all together!

2. I think the first video shot of Kelly at the reception is right when she found out all the cream puffs were gone and she didn't get a single one! (look at it again)

3. I had forgotten how brutal the cake cutting was. Ryan, way to smother your new bride down to the floor with cake and icing.

4. Can we resurrect the royal blue get away outfit? Maybe for next week's Girls night out?

5. and the best part is...Kelly, you still fit into your wedding dress! Amazing! I can't even wear my wedding ring with out an entire jar of vaseline and several oil compounds handy.

Happy TEN years! We love you guys!

Jay & Gwen Sessions said...

Ali has called me at work (since we have dial-up at home-along with rabbit ears) several times to see if I had seen this. Thanks goodness for retro and motion stabilizer technology. They don't call me a jerk for nothing. Ryan is Da Man to make a grand production out of an earthquake video.

PS Don't tell Gwen but I am taking my video camera to my nephew's wedding in Utah this weekend. Somehow they like mine better than the professional videographer's. The professionals never notice the stain on the shirt, or the cake on the floor, or the little undetected comments that are better left unsaid and unrecorded.

It was an honor to attend and capture such a wonderful wedding and wonderful couple !!!

Glad you could use the footage jerky or not.

Happy Anniversary !!!!

Amy said...

Great video, Ryan!

Although I wasn't there, it was sure fun to see your wedding day.

Who doesn't love a giganti-bow on the back of a wedding dress?! Classic fashion that never truly goes out of style, right?

You both look just a little younger, maybe a little less gray (Ryan), but you still look just as happy together as you did on that magical day!

Happy Anniversary you two!

Mom and Dad Jibson said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a wonderful Wedding DVD you have made for the two of you. So many memories come flooding back and it made us remember what a very special day it was. We love you both so very much. Enjoy your anniversary getaway. Much love, Mom and Dad "J"

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 10 years, but I guess that's right seeing how Claire will be 10 this year and I was pregnant with her at your wedding. By the way where is MY 15 seconds of fame on that video? I think there was some bias with all the shots of the brotha's. You did an awesome job on the dvd Ryan. Kelly, you look absolutely gorgeous and I envy your video. Have a fabulous evening! Love, Marie Thanks for the Birthday call this morning. I love you.
p.s. I have to agree with Ryan that you look as beautiful today (if not more so) than you did 10 years ago!

Kaylynn said...

Ten years goes by fast doesn't it? Thank you so much Ryan for reminding me that there was a time when I thought Kyle was "all that!!!" How fun!!! I'm excited for you guys and your little get-a-way! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Kasey said...

Ryan...What an all star! Congrats to you both. 10 years of pure bliss! :)
Hope you have a wonderful night away from the kids! Cheers! Here is to many more years.
Love you both
Kasey and family!

Kaylynn said...

Awesome video! I think I've put on a lb or 2 since then. What a great milestone of 10 years. By the way, Kaylynn still thinks I'm "all that" (and even more today)

Your Bro. Kyle (The one who came from the "dog")

Heather said...

happy anniversary guys! great video, ryan. you guys look the same to me (that's a compliment. :))

Anonymous said...

It was fun to see Ryan fall in love with you at Ricks, I had been with him through a few girls here and there and he was SMITTEN big time with you. It was easy to see why then and now. Congratulations on ten years,
Ryan, Once again your editing and creativity shines. You never stop impressing me. I remember seeing your halloween videos from the provo, trv 900 days. It was a short few weeks when I was able to teach, show you something new and cool. Lets make plans for a ski trip down memory lane. Head back to Grand Targhee with wives, see campus and temple. Anyway, hurry home and get back to work. I want to tell you about the new encoder I bought.
Judd the original legnagyobb aranyifju

1photochick said...


I'm Jenn Mishler's sis and read your blog often. Can I say you have the most romantic husband ever!!!! Can he write a book on being a romantic husband or even give private lessons to my husband?! You are very lucky, Kelly--WOW!

S&K 18 said...

That was wonderfully put together! Happy 10 years together.

Oler Family said...

That was the cutest vidoe EVER! Great job Ryan! Happy Anniversary..Wow 10 years!! It seems like yesterday that Kelly's dress was hanging over her closet door at Ricks! You two are such a cute couple! Congratulations!

John said...

CONGRATULATIONS, you guys!!! 10 years already... and you make it look so easy. :)

The video is so AWESOME, Ryan! It's so cool that you had that VHS footage to preserve those memories. If anyone in the world deserves an awesome wedding video, it's you and Kelly. I'm so happy to see something so nice for you both after all these years.

Anyway, we love and miss you guys so much. Let's get together for you-know-what soon!

-John (and Cara)

Lindsey Jaye Pope Parry said...

Can see why Ryan gets paid the big bucks to make those videos. It was super sweet. Makes me want to do more with my Mac than just email and post to my blog. My only constructive criticism was that I wasn't in it. And I KNOW I was at your reception long enough to see your Grandpa dance a jig.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so first impressions..... goose-bumps!! Kelly, you are so gorgeous and Ryan, you are the man!!! Good job on the DVD and good job keepin' the romance alive after 10 y ears. (You gotta give Dave some pointers). You are amazing people and we love you!

We miss you guys and hopefully will see you soon before the next Indiana Jones is out!


Angela (and David) Ciemny

sheena said...

Ok so I am waaaay late on this....but I LOVED it!!! Why was I crying the whole time?? It was THAT good!!
Kelly you have not aged a day
Ryan--were you old enough to get married?
you said big bow....but that thing is HUGE.

Glad you guys had's Robby and I's anniversary next week--you should give him a call and give him a few pointers.

well done:)

Happy 10!!!