Saturday, June 14, 2008

A tribute to DADS

These are a few of the best DADs I know
don't they look tough? I do have to say that watching my brothers be fathers now is such a treat. They are all such great dads! They have great examples to look to as well. My dad was such a good example to us and continues to teach us well.
G'pa...well, the things we've learned from him are priceless.
As for the BEST dad...(the outlaw in the back), I find more joy when watching Ryan interact and play with our kids. He's so fun, he's a hard worker and teaches the kids something new every day, by his example. Thanks for being such a good father.
Happy Father's Day!

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Kasey said...

Happy Dad's Day Ryan! It was probably just as you pictured it...sitting in the ER for hours.