Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Summer Theme...


We have jumped on the bandwagon of staying close to home for our summer fun! It has proved to be a great way to make some great memories and not go over-board on the wallet.
We spent a day at Sea World and enjoyed the shows and activities they have there. My 3 older ones got to ride on their first roller
coaster ever!
"Atlantis". I think it helped that the
of the ride looked like an innocent
Log Ride-type...the surprise drops and
hills came later. They certainly had
mixed feelings on this

"cool" ride.
It was funny to see how they each reacted to it.
There was something there for rides and shows for the older 3 kids, "Sesame Street Land" for Ez, and of coarse, yummy amusement- park- junk- food for mom and dad. There's no pictures to show (it was a BUSY day) but Ryan's side of the family got to join in the fun with us too! We had fun with Jared & Allison and their family, G'ma Southwell
and some more cousins as well.

When Ezra saw "Melmo" he was so excited
to go and see him. The closer we got to him, the more nervous Ezzy was. So, although it looks like he's smiling, he's screaming bloody murder and swinging his arm to get Elmo away from him.
Also, keep in mind that we had just come from the "Soak Zone" at the Shamu show! (thus the extra curly frizz for a few of us).

Thank you G'ma Southwell for a wonderful day at Sea World!! (next time we'll take more pictures).


sheena said...

that elmo scares me.

Melissa Ellen said...

Hi Kelly!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It gave me the courage to let you know I've stalked your blog a few times too :) (found you through Sheena and Amy) Your family is soooo adorable!

I'll be back to catch up on how everything is going. I see you're a runner and a mom - 2 things I admire SO MUCH!