Sunday, August 31, 2008

it started out as a square -

I gave Ezzy a piece of cheese for sanck.
A few bites later, he said,
"Mom, cracter cheeth".

I laughed and laughed!
It amazed me that he even saw that!
(he wasn't very happy when I took it away for a picture).

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This says it all -

I have a little block "knick-knack"
that sits on top of the piano in our front room.
Every day or so, it changes (thank you Emily).
When I saw it like this,(She's just so creative) I had to laugh.
This is exactly how I felt like our summer was:
Fun, busy, a little up-side-down!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've never done this before...

Phew! I'm done!

Although not "fun", I will do it again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I had to stop!

I don't think there is any worse sound, in this entire universe,
than the shrill, high-pitched squeal of the dentist's drill!

As I was awkwardly sitting in the dental chair,
(where do I put my arms when there's cords draped all over me?)
and he started up "the drill", I was imagining what this scene looked like
and listening to the changing pitches of this crazy tool and I started to laugh.
I had to stop myself!
I was imagining 1000 blogs going through my mind
but they were rudely interrupted by that annoying screaming!
The last thing the dentist needed was a patient with uncontrollable
laughter messing up his work!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I just can't believe it!

I really, truly cannot believe that the day is here. It's so bitter/sweet.
Emily is old enough to be in 3rd GRADE?! HOW?? I am just shocked at the reality of it.

She was so excited and nervous to go to her new class.
She was brave.
After a little class-line confusion,
she met her new teacher and was off on her first day.
(with a few tears...from mom).

This big guy could not have been more excited for
his first day of Kindergarten!
Jaydon was so happy to get his very own name badge!
The first day of Kindergarten was GREATLY anticipated, and now he feels
like such a big kid!
What a happy sight for these guys...meeting their favorite friend
from pre-school in their same Kindergarten class!
(they were actually debating who got to sit next to him, until they decided he could be in the middle).

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why didn't I take the camera?

As our summer vacation comes to an end, we are trying to fit in the last few things we wanted to do this summer. One of them was to visit This Place.

The kids and I pass this covered wagon every week on the way to gymnastics. FINALLY, we stopped to check it out, and even had our own private tour of the cheese factory. It was great. The kids were amazed at the equipment and the process, and I loved all the samples, of coarse. So did Emily. She has a pretty sophisticated pallet.
I was also surprised to find out that Wolf Gang Puck himself came out 2 years ago and did a feature on this factory for the Food Network. The cheese from this farm has won international awards. I always thought I had to go to Europe to find great cheese...who knew it was in our own backyard!?

Monday, August 11, 2008

A whole lotta Pics...

Of a whole lotta fun!

Jaydon, fishing for the first time with his new pole.

Joel, doing the same (but fishing for something up the in the trees?).

This girl LOVES the out-doors! camping at Donner was
so much fun for her! (she loves camping anywhere!)

Does this even need words?
He was in HEAVEN

Emily and Kale, loving the boat ride on Donner Lake

She actually tried, and loved, water skiing.
(although, in her own words, she went "face skiing").

Emily and Cousin Ross,
swimming one last time before heading home.

Popular Nana with most of her Great-Grandkids
(we missed you Jonah and Lucy!)

I can't believe my boys were paddling by themselves,
and actually arrived at their destination!!

It's not a complete camping trip until we all beat G'ma
at a game!

battle with the water idea ever!

takin' it easy in Truckee

the big bocci ball competition...things got a little heated!

trampoline - water-balloon fun! what's better?
all in matching outfits at that!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello China

Every time the Olympics end I always think to myself  "how can I wait another FOUR years?" Well, I totally cheated and looked online of photos from the opening ceremonies since they happened almost 10 hours ago. WOW. I am so excited I can hardly wait. What am I going to watch? Trampolining may make my list but it's more out of strange curiosity. Always at the top of my list are Track & Field, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, and more. 

When the 4x100 relay or the 100m (track or swimming) come on I always get sweaty palms and an overly accelerated heart-rate. 
Sadly it was more fun when Marion Jones was in there...another tale. 
But nonetheless, with all the issues we've already had this week with China, they are only fueling the rivalry more, and the men's basketball opening game is against China. Welcome Kobe. Don't let us down. There are over 300 million chinese basketball fans and Pres. Bush will be there too. There's no doubt this game will be huge. It's comeback time and we aint messin around now. 

One of my favorite moments in the Olympics was watching Carl Lewis run the anchor leg in the 4x100m. Let's have a chat. Favorite moments? (besides the British dude who pulled a hammy in the 400m and got back up to finish the race with his dad, I still choke up thinking about it).
Time to go check my popcorn supply.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 Weeks of fun...continued

So, we got to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday
at The Happiest Place on Earth!
Happy Birthday DAD!
(driving this little old car, at Disneyland, would be his dream retirement "job")

We now have three new Jedi-in-training members
in our family.

After jumping up and down for about 10 minutes solid,
Joel finally got picked...very last!

This kid is STILL talking about this day, and the
certificate he earned after defeating Darth Vader

The Buzz Light Year ride was the absolute favorite!
we had to - I mean GOT to -ride it 3 times.
I must say, the laser-tag part of it IS really cool.

After all the talk about Pirates of the Caribbean,
THIS is how Joel decided to "enjoy " this ride.
(in case you can't tell, he's on the floor of the boat, huddled up by Ryan's feet)

I think he takes after a certain uncle of know who you are!

These two got the best seat in the house to watch the fire works!

After miles of walking, hours of line waiting, and TONS of fun,
this group was pretty wiped out!!
Thanks G'ma and G'pa for a fun day!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

just the beginning...

...of our 2 weeks of FUN!!

G'ma and G'pa Jibson came to play for a few days!
The kids loved spending time with them.(despite the look on Em's face)

G'pa's helping the boys with their new dinosaur work-books.

Ezzy's loving his new little tractor!

The kids decided to make a giant pile with EVERY pillow/blanket/towel we own!

Little did I know...they were burying G'ma!

G'ma and G'pa were able to see Emily in her piano recital.
She was nervous, but did a great job. Too bad Mom's video skills are lacking...otherwise you could watch it!