Wednesday, August 6, 2008

2 Weeks of fun...continued

So, we got to celebrate Dad's 60th birthday
at The Happiest Place on Earth!
Happy Birthday DAD!
(driving this little old car, at Disneyland, would be his dream retirement "job")

We now have three new Jedi-in-training members
in our family.

After jumping up and down for about 10 minutes solid,
Joel finally got picked...very last!

This kid is STILL talking about this day, and the
certificate he earned after defeating Darth Vader

The Buzz Light Year ride was the absolute favorite!
we had to - I mean GOT to -ride it 3 times.
I must say, the laser-tag part of it IS really cool.

After all the talk about Pirates of the Caribbean,
THIS is how Joel decided to "enjoy " this ride.
(in case you can't tell, he's on the floor of the boat, huddled up by Ryan's feet)

I think he takes after a certain uncle of know who you are!

These two got the best seat in the house to watch the fire works!

After miles of walking, hours of line waiting, and TONS of fun,
this group was pretty wiped out!!
Thanks G'ma and G'pa for a fun day!!


ali degraff said...

wish I could have been there! I am scared of the pirates ride too!

Ryan Southwell said...

I must add a few notes here. First, you may notice my sweet ol Mitt Romney shirt has been to Magic Mountain, Sea World, and Disneyland this month. I just can't let it go. Second, I got a photo that shows I NAILED 175,300 point on the Buzz Lightyear ride. I challenge anyone to beat that!

Anonymous said...

young southwellings,

indeed the force is strong with you. your victories were only minor battles in the war. my siths will be ready for you next time.



erin said...

SOUTHWELLS!!! How fun is this??? I was at Disneyland last week too and yesterday the 6th. WEre totally meant to be friends. Ryan seriously GO MITT... you still havent made it to lego land yet so there is another opportunity for you to wear it. Okay now for business we need to get together and have some fun. I lost your email so you email me at eellsworth951@gamil and give me your # and we'll hang. Happy Thursday!

Melissa Ellen said...

that looks like such a fun time. i love reading about awesome family memories being made!

your family is beautiful!

have a good weekend.


Sally said...

What a fun Disneyland trip. The picture of your mom on the Buz ride was so cute and poor Joel on the scary Pirate ride. That picture might come back to haunt him in a few years from now when he is a big, tough 11-year old!

Hull Family said...

Sorry about "Sally", that was actually from me. Sally was on my computer yesterday and obviously did not sign out.