Friday, August 8, 2008

Hello China

Every time the Olympics end I always think to myself  "how can I wait another FOUR years?" Well, I totally cheated and looked online of photos from the opening ceremonies since they happened almost 10 hours ago. WOW. I am so excited I can hardly wait. What am I going to watch? Trampolining may make my list but it's more out of strange curiosity. Always at the top of my list are Track & Field, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, and more. 

When the 4x100 relay or the 100m (track or swimming) come on I always get sweaty palms and an overly accelerated heart-rate. 
Sadly it was more fun when Marion Jones was in there...another tale. 
But nonetheless, with all the issues we've already had this week with China, they are only fueling the rivalry more, and the men's basketball opening game is against China. Welcome Kobe. Don't let us down. There are over 300 million chinese basketball fans and Pres. Bush will be there too. There's no doubt this game will be huge. It's comeback time and we aint messin around now. 

One of my favorite moments in the Olympics was watching Carl Lewis run the anchor leg in the 4x100m. Let's have a chat. Favorite moments? (besides the British dude who pulled a hammy in the 400m and got back up to finish the race with his dad, I still choke up thinking about it).
Time to go check my popcorn supply.


Oler Family said...

Even though I'm not cheering for team U.S.A. I've gotta admit that I'm excited to see how Michael Phelps does. I only caught the end of the opening ceremonies but I thought it was cool they way they lit the torch. My doctor's daughter is on the Canadian rowing team so that will be fun to watch too!

Kaylynn said...

I am a huge OLYMPIC FAN - I remember when I was growing up my family would gather in the basement (so much cooler down there) and watch the olympics together. My cousin was on the Wheelchair Men's Basketball team through 3 olympics - so even though we didn't get to watch him on TV - the olympics had special meaning in our house. I still remember the famous VAULT on one leg!!!! Gymnastics was always a favorite in our house - but I have to admit I'm a huge DIVING fan now - I love it! (And I didn't cheat - I stayed up until MIDNIGHT last night to catch the opening ceremonies - WOW!)