Monday, August 25, 2008

I had to stop!

I don't think there is any worse sound, in this entire universe,
than the shrill, high-pitched squeal of the dentist's drill!

As I was awkwardly sitting in the dental chair,
(where do I put my arms when there's cords draped all over me?)
and he started up "the drill", I was imagining what this scene looked like
and listening to the changing pitches of this crazy tool and I started to laugh.
I had to stop myself!
I was imagining 1000 blogs going through my mind
but they were rudely interrupted by that annoying screaming!
The last thing the dentist needed was a patient with uncontrollable
laughter messing up his work!


The Close's Place said...

The drill is so horrible, I always bring my ipod and turn it up as loud as possible to distract myself from the terrible experience.

sheena said...

yes it's the worst noise!! and now I"m hearing it.....and the feeling that accompanies it.....ahhh!

ali degraff said...

dentist machinery + the giggles = disaster

Amy said...

I'm not a fan of the dentist, let alone his drill.

LaDonna and Ben said...

I'll let you in on a little dentist secret. We really have much quieter drills, but we use the loud ones to punish you for not brushing better.

P.S. the shots aren't necessary either, and the nitrous isn't really for the patients at all.

shhhhh...don't tell.


kelly said...

I'm coming to you for all the secrets next time...BEFORE I go to the dentist!
darn cavities.
(I promise I brush and floss well). :)