Sunday, August 31, 2008

it started out as a square -

I gave Ezzy a piece of cheese for sanck.
A few bites later, he said,
"Mom, cracter cheeth".

I laughed and laughed!
It amazed me that he even saw that!
(he wasn't very happy when I took it away for a picture).


heidi said...

you do have one smart kiddo! tell Ryan the cookies were so delicious that we already wolfed them down!!

ali said...

he's a cheese WIZ! you get it?

s said...

What a smartie! He's so fun in singing time. He knows the songs and hand movements! I love his spirit:)

s said...

Light bulb--I get it! We were singing and I asked for animals for Old Mac Donald. The Robertson boy always asks for a plane or helicopter. Then Jonah bats his eyes at me and wants a tractor (I know him from blog). Next Ezra jumps out of his chair, runs right to my knees and says "CRACK" I'm like "cat"? He just turns and walks back to his chair. So sing Old Mac Donald with him and PLEASE add tractor. I understand!
(: Shawna :)

Amy said...

You should send that into the's just about as legit as the lady who found the Cheeto that she thought looked like Jesus on the cross. Just tell them that the cheese came in that shape. It's almost a miracle?!

Kaylynn said...

You guys are having way too much fun down there - I wish I was down there already. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Oler Family said...

that is so funny! What a smart kid!

Marie said...

Your kids are smart...first it was Texas Tooth and now it is Cractor Cheeth. Wow.

Kasey said...

I like the cheese wiz comment! That boy sure does love the tractors!