Monday, August 4, 2008

just the beginning...

...of our 2 weeks of FUN!!

G'ma and G'pa Jibson came to play for a few days!
The kids loved spending time with them.(despite the look on Em's face)

G'pa's helping the boys with their new dinosaur work-books.

Ezzy's loving his new little tractor!

The kids decided to make a giant pile with EVERY pillow/blanket/towel we own!

Little did I know...they were burying G'ma!

G'ma and G'pa were able to see Emily in her piano recital.
She was nervous, but did a great job. Too bad Mom's video skills are lacking...otherwise you could watch it!


rockkinrobbins said...

How Awesome!

merideth said...

you guys are such a sweet family.

ali degraff said...

your kids are lucky!

Anonymous said...

Blog looks even cooler on my new toy

Oler Family said...

I love the mess that Ezra has all around him...such a boy! You have such a cute family!