Thursday, August 28, 2008

This says it all -

I have a little block "knick-knack"
that sits on top of the piano in our front room.
Every day or so, it changes (thank you Emily).
When I saw it like this,(She's just so creative) I had to laugh.
This is exactly how I felt like our summer was:
Fun, busy, a little up-side-down!


cara lou said...

Haha, that is great. It's totally cracking me up. Sounds like a perfect summer!

When are you coming up here?!?!

merideth said...

how cute is that...i think lily and emily would get along so well. that is just like something lily would do.

Kaylynn said...

It's not over yet - bring on the OCEAN!!!!!

Hull Family said...

So cute. I like it that way.