Monday, August 11, 2008

A whole lotta Pics...

Of a whole lotta fun!

Jaydon, fishing for the first time with his new pole.

Joel, doing the same (but fishing for something up the in the trees?).

This girl LOVES the out-doors! camping at Donner was
so much fun for her! (she loves camping anywhere!)

Does this even need words?
He was in HEAVEN

Emily and Kale, loving the boat ride on Donner Lake

She actually tried, and loved, water skiing.
(although, in her own words, she went "face skiing").

Emily and Cousin Ross,
swimming one last time before heading home.

Popular Nana with most of her Great-Grandkids
(we missed you Jonah and Lucy!)

I can't believe my boys were paddling by themselves,
and actually arrived at their destination!!

It's not a complete camping trip until we all beat G'ma
at a game!

battle with the water idea ever!

takin' it easy in Truckee

the big bocci ball competition...things got a little heated!

trampoline - water-balloon fun! what's better?
all in matching outfits at that!


S&K 18 said...

Wow that looks like a beautiful place, and you all look like you had so much fun.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to comment before Ali

Oler Family said...

How fun! I love the picture of Ezra...and the matching outfits!

ali degraff said...

you beat me anonymous...dare I presume it's Judd?

You guys left me drooling for some wide open air!

Amy said...

What a fun family! It looks like a great camping trip.

DebLawson said...

Donner is our favorite place to camp!
What a fun family trip you all had!

Kaylynn said...

Thanks for the great pictures Kelly (and Ryan) - I knew you would come through - you captured all the memories perfectly - especially the picture of EZRA! I seriously don't know if all the dirt is off the bottom of my feet yet! Can't wait for more (and cleaner) memories at the beach house!!!!

Marie said...

What can I say? I'm jealous! I envy! OK, I know that's not right, but I want to go, I want to too, me too! Alas, I'm at home wiping poopy (but cute) bottoms and making notebooks for my wonderful YW. I can't believe summer is over! I miss you!

erin said...

okay its feelings; shattered. Where is the love? All I know is the dance festival haunts me, everywhere I go I hear " i wish they all could be cali girls" "barbara ann" "cali dreamin" it never ends. Okay when your kids go back to school maybe we can try this whole "lets go to lunch bussiness" Lovin the vacation pics though.