Monday, August 18, 2008

Why didn't I take the camera?

As our summer vacation comes to an end, we are trying to fit in the last few things we wanted to do this summer. One of them was to visit This Place.

The kids and I pass this covered wagon every week on the way to gymnastics. FINALLY, we stopped to check it out, and even had our own private tour of the cheese factory. It was great. The kids were amazed at the equipment and the process, and I loved all the samples, of coarse. So did Emily. She has a pretty sophisticated pallet.
I was also surprised to find out that Wolf Gang Puck himself came out 2 years ago and did a feature on this factory for the Food Network. The cheese from this farm has won international awards. I always thought I had to go to Europe to find great cheese...who knew it was in our own backyard!?


sheena said...

1. can we please go there when we come out?
2. "yummy cheese in the middle of nowhere" makes me really uncomfortable.

James said...

What a cheesy post.

Marie said...

I cut the cheese, Kate eats it. Well, sometimes we all eat it....and sometimes we all cut it. :)