Thursday, September 11, 2008

can't get enough pirates...

I wish we had close-ups of everyone...
But here are the ones we DID have.
(sorry in advance to the family members who didn't want their picture on the WWW).

The Whole Pirate Family

Jane de Belleville
(don't mess with her)

The Grand Calico Jack
and Alvilda the Pirate

Pirate Anne Bonney

Captain Jan de Bouff
Charlotte de Berry

Henriques the Englishman

oh wait, THIS is "the Englishman"

Long John Silver (the silver's under the black) :)


Captain William (the)Kidd

oh wait, where did HE come from?


Kaylynn said...

I LOVE THIS - you even did your research - I want a copy of Nana and Papa's picture PLEASE!!!!!

cara lou said...

You have the funnest (most fun?) family. Love the close-ups!

Amy said...

Kelly, you're a HOT pirate chick! I don't know about Ryan wearing makeup though. I almost think he looks pretty too!?

ali said...

out of control. i love it.

sheena said...

LOVE these!! and the new header!!

Marie said...

You all look so great...and gross at the same time. I love it!