Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happiness is...

The family's first time fishing.
At our Lake.
In our neighborhood.
Quite a learning experience.
Baiting the hook.
(choosing the bait first)
Finding the perfect spot.

No fish.
Better luck next time.
Fun, regardless.

Rolling down the hillside.
Climbing on the rocks.

Great family time.

The best part:

Eating the chocolate chip cookies
we brought!


heidi said...

my kids love fishing too, and I pretend to like it, but what I love most is that they are spending time together helping each other out and are excited for the other when they catch something. and chocolate chip cookies are the BEST!

Oler Family said...

Why is it that food makes every activity better? I could be doing something that I hate but if I know that theres a treat to come, I'll stick it out!!

Olive-us said...

Everything is better with cookies! You all are such a fun family! I love all your posts an am glad to be back to read them. I missed you!

Kaylynn said...

When Kris saw this post he immediately remembered camping and fishing with your boys. How fun.