Monday, September 15, 2008

I love this girl!

I was going through Emily's back pack today and I found a paper all about her "favorites". Here's what she had to say:


SNACK: fruit
T.V. SHOW: High School Musical (she's never seen the t.v. show)
ANIMAL: elephant
COLOR: blue
PERSON: mom (wow, I did not set her up for that!)
SPORT: none
BOOK: Indian in the Cupboard
SUBJECT: playing (mine too, uh oh)
HOBBY: soccer (but notice, "none" on sport, and she's never played soccer, bless her heart)
CARTOON: Yogi Bear (she did see that once)
PLACE: school... (to learn about "playing")
HOLIDAY: my birthday
WORD: my (interesting)
MOVIE STAR: Hanna Montana (she knows her from all the other kids at school; never watched her).

I love her sense of "self " and all of her fun ideas! She's just growing up way too fast! I'm sad to see that happen.


heidi said...

We love The Indian in the Cupboard at our house--the movie is good too. And I love that she loves so many things that she hasn't done or seen. Also, MY for her favorite word is VERY interesting. She is so cute and fun!

shawna said...

Emily is such a wonderful young lady! I love to see her smiling face in primary. I can count on her to be a great singer. She is always ready to participate. I think Emily is a treasure!

ali said...

love it. I love that she listed all those shows she's never seen. She must have heard some good reviews!

Oler Family said...

That is so funny! How sweet is it that she wrote you as her favorite person?

rockkinrobbins said...

Love your blog! It is great to see those pictures. How fun with all the pirates, you guys look great!

Kaylynn said...

We sure love EMMY at our house TOO!!!!

sheena said...

thank you for sharing this....too funny!! "my" is a very lovely word.

Amy said...

Emily is so cute! That soccer thing is funny since she's never played.

It was so fun seeing you for a little while today. You look great, as always!

Lauren ☮ said...

haha! i love the sport: none, then the hobby: soccer... that's grreat! :] Love you guys! <3