Sunday, September 7, 2008

the last Hurrah!

These pictures show just a few highlights of our final summer fun.

Well, this one was not so fun.
This fat lip is how we started our trip.

Then it got better as we flew kites on the beach.

The boys loved getting "nailed" by the waves.
They stayed in the water for HOURS every day.
I've honestly never seen hands get as pruney as theirs. (eeewww).

Emily is a fish. A mermaid. A dolphin.
This girl would sleep in the ocean if she could!
Here she is showing off one of her many sea shell treasures.

Ezzy loves the sand, but is still a little nervous about the waves.

Don't forget the Pirate Theme Night

Emily got to be Elizabeth Swan

Here are a bunch of grown-up-kid pirates!
(the 4 kids and our spouses)

Jumping pictures are always so fun
(right Kasey?)
And here's our little Captain Hook.
He wasn't quite sure if he should be happy about this whole thing
or nervous to be around a bunch of weirdos!


sheena said...

i miss you already!!! I cannot stop laughing every time i look at the jumping pictures!!!

"chaos" hahaha.

ali said...

if only those jibson boys were taller. I would have married one just for reunion rights!

Sarah Hull said...

I love it! You guys are awesome! I agree 100% with Ali. Every first week of September I find myself feeling just a bit jelous knowing the Jibsons are having the time of their lives on the beach! So fun!

S&K 18 said...

That looks like one fun family reunion. I love the Pirate Night idea.

Marie said...

I looks like so much fun. My mom can't stop bragging to everyone in MO about how she got all the pirate costumes together for your big party.
Glad you used them.

erin said...

okay my new little friend. School is back in so I know your life is only 25% crazy so therefore you are ready to go to lunch. Oh and I totally just canned peaches too. But I loved it. Okay email me and give me your number and we can meet up.

Karen said...

Kelly Ann!! I'm so glad you found me! Now I can get updates on you and your cute family. I love the pirate pictures!

cara lou said...

I love the pirate costums. You all look great and very pirate-y.

I just commented on Sheena's blog but had to tell you, too, about how jealous I am that you and your sisters-in-law are such good friends. You are so lucky!! I hope to someday have something similar with my future sisters-in-law.

Your brothers all did a great job picking wives!! Haha.