Monday, September 22, 2008

some quiet time

Believe it or not.
I love these.
These give me peace, satisfaction and happiness.
How, you ask?
Besides being delicious, healthy and easy,
They keep my kids occupied for quite a while.
It's true.
I warm up a bowl of these little treats and they are quiet, fed and busy.
I can testify.
They are great for ages 2 - 8 (from my experience).
edemame. Yummm.
The kids love to pop the beans right out and eat to their heart's content.
How could I argue with nutritious soy beans for a snack?
Try 'em. They are addicting!
And they bring such peace a quiet to our afternoon.

Of coarse, this brings me peace, satisfaction and happiness in a completely different way. Oh wow.


ali said...

exactly how much time to these little suckers buy you?
3 minutes, 10, 30, an hour? because if we are talking 30 minutes+, then sign me up! I will go buy a case tomorrow to occupy Mr. You Know Who!

kelly said...

i'm talkin' 30 min (if it's snack time) longer if you starve them through lunch j/k!

Olive-us said...

Amen, sister! Olive and I love them for the same reasons. And it's a bonus when she pops the beans out of their pods and she has to find them. That's at least another 5 to 10 minutes of bonus time.

Amy said...

I love edemame!

Marie said...

My kids like them but I don't think I've actually tasted any. My mom bought them while she was here but I believe they are all consumed by now. Maybe I'll try some now?