Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today marks the first (official) day of violin lessons for Jaydon and Joel.

They've been practicing their "bow hold" all week.
We'll see what the future holds


heidi said...

How great for them. They'll have so much fun!

Amy said...

That's awesome to start them on that when they're so young. I played the viola in 5th grade for one year. I wish I would have kept that up.

They'll do great!

James said...

Hey, that's totally awesome!

I totally played the violin in my younger years...and look how I turned out...I'm Awesome!

So yeah, I fully support this move.

shawna said...

That is so exciting! Just think in a year (or so) they can play a primary song in the program. Hurry up and learn! Practice, practice, practice!
Aren't you excited too?

Olive-us said...

That's great! Who doesn't love a nice little ditty from the violin.

sheena said...

did you take those photos of just one know to save time?? we'd never know.

Marie said...

Who is teaching them? I'm super jealous!