Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just playing around!

I never have a camera with me to just click away at the random every-day things that keep us going. But now, finally, I can take some photos while we're out and about. (they aren't the BEST quality, but it does the job...not like my photography skills require a top-o-the-line camera anyway.)

So, here we are at the park just goofin' around while we wait for Em to get out of school. Notice, Ez thinks he's a big kid too and wants to do what his friend is doing. Oh dear.

Joel's climbing as usual, and Jaydon's being camera shy while he plays.

I just wish that the weather would act the way that the calendar reads...I want FALL to be here...not 95 degree summer heat!


Kaylynn said...

Oh I am not jealous of 95 degrees. Actually it has been kinda hot here - but tonight at baseball practice the sun was setting and there was just a few raindrops in the air but you could smell the rain - and it just made me smile. I love Fall.

Oler Family said...

cute pictures! I'm so jealous of the warm weather...I just know that in a month or so, there will be snow everywhere here!

ali said...

those are pretty good for a phone camera! looks like fun!

Olive-us said...

I love hot park days!