Monday, October 13, 2008

Requesting Your Ideas and Creativity

Dear Friends and Family,
Time is getting short and I can feel the massive anticipation over Prop 8. I see all these commercials for " No on Prop 8" and feel like they have come on with a stronger attack than those of us voting YES. I was thinking to myself that I would have a lifelong regret if we lost this and I didn't put up a fight. So here's my goal. I don't have the cash to put a commercial on TV, but I do believe in viral marketing over the internet. I really want to put a nice video together and to spread it online.
But my approach is this: I don't want to make a list of facts of all the cons... like taxes, money, but what I DO want to do is appeal to emotions with morals, true gender identity, and God/the fulfillment of family and procreation. (And possibly touching on kids learning about same gender parenting.)

I need you help to come up with a plot/script/appeal as if it were our own commercial. We all have thoughts on the issues and I want to hear yours.
I am giving this 2 days to write up and plan to start filming by mid-week. Anything will help and my brain alone isn't creative enough.

1-2 minutes long
appealing to the moral issues.
Possibly involving all kids???
Positive reasons to vote YES, not reasons to not vote NO.

I need to get some creative ideas from you...
And for anyone living in my vicinity, I may ask you to be a character

Please respond to me at my email ASAP.



ali said...

I know this is not a laughing matter, but would you ever consider casting me as a same-gender married woman? In my repertoire of hairstyles I have a pretty mean coiffe that would represent that look well.

On a more serious note, I will be thinking. The No on 8 campaign has really come on strong with their commercials!

Kaylynn said...

I have totally felt the same way Ryan - the NO commercials are so full of emotion. The fireside from the First Presidency last week focused a lot on tolerance and how tolerance has to go both ways - I'm in a hurry right now but will for sure be thinking of something along that line - I will write in again soon.

Sarah Hull said...

Such a great idea. I am looking forward to seeing the end result. My creative cells are down right now, but if I come up with and idea in the middle of the night, I'll get back to you. However,I think focusing on the school issue (teaching the young ones) is the way to go. When we went door knocking, that seemed to pull at the heartstring the most and sway people's votes.