Saturday, October 4, 2008

YES on Prop 8

It's worth a minute of your time once you see proof of what has already happened.


DebLawson said...

Ok all you CA people! Spread the word and vote NO on Prop. 8!!!!!

Kaylynn said...

Kelly - I wanted to put that on my blog as well - but don't know how to link it - when you get a minute will you let me know how to do that?

Also just for clarification a YES vote is what we want to stop this from happening!

rockkinrobbins said...

Yes on prop 8! Thank you for sharing that. Now Im going to steal it from your blog so I can share it. :)

sheena said...

VOTE YES!! I wish I could.

I also wish I could knock those wicker hearts off her wall....but that's just me.

Marie said...

So maybe homeschooling will be on your calendar after November?

I can't believe how scary this is and I'm so glad you are doing something about it.

Deb is so funny! She's encouraging people to vote no. Whoops!

Vote Yes! Vote Yes! Vote Yes! Vote Yes! Vote Yes! Vote Yes! Vote Yes!

Kasey said...

It makes crazy that it is even an issue!
Yes on 8.
1 man
1 women

Anson and Michelle said...

Great job guys! Vote yes!

DebLawson said...

Oops, so sorry about the VOTE NO on prop 8! give me a break, I'm in stinkin' Utah...

vote YES!

(heeee heee heee, I feel a bit fooooolish!)