Friday, November 21, 2008

10 days

It's so nice to have friends that feel like family.
We've been so lucky to have THESE FRIENDS be with us for almost 2 weeks.
Aside from the normal, busy, everyday events, it was like a vacation for us while they were here.
Here are just a few things we were able to enjoy during their stay:

We were introduced to Daphne's Greek Cafe (a place I've been Dying to try...but it takes friends in town to actually get me there) Yummy! We are now huge fans!

Every night was filled with some sort of game...This one being our just never gets old!

Keeping up with our old tradition of watching the Office every week together was a MUST! It is so much fun to watch it and laugh together.

Trips to the stores are much better with a friend.
(especially when she is the one who knows how to get there. It's great that she knows this place better than me).

The daily evening serenade by our talented musician was always welcome. If I could just have him play live every day, the witching hour wouldn't be so witchy. (Check out his stuff, and look forward to his music and video out soon!)

What would an evening of games and laughing be without some DELICIOUS peppermint drinking chocolate? oh wow, this is on my list of favorite things! Thanks for sharing!

Now, hearing a sweet, one-year-old voice say "mighty bites" each morning is certainly a good way to start the day. I just love that little voice.

Last, but certainly NOT least...let's not forget one of the most delicious soups I've ever had. THIS is a comfort food in it's most superb form.


cara lou said...

Thank you guys SOOO much for your hospitality. The accomodations were great, the meals were delicious, and the company was dear. We love staying with you folk.

We just got home and it already seems awfully lonely and quiet here.

Can we just move in??

ali said...

I love daphnes! Thanks for reminding me of our old Friday date night pre-kids.

merideth said...

sounds like so much fun...does that mean that it has already been over ten days since i saw you? man time is flying sooo fast.
i am sad i will miss you over the break. have a good thanksgiving.